Mariupol Reborn

This is a big Mariupol revival Project. Its implementation will open a new page in the history of Ukraine, Europe and the entire democratic world. It is about rebooting the city according to the best world practices and the latest technologies. Mariupol will become the city of the future and new opportunities that will be able to respond to the challenges of the present. Mariupol will bring back life and turn into a symbol of a new rebuilt Ukraine.

– Mayor of Mariupol Vadym Boichenko.
МЕТА проекту

The purpose of the project

To transform Mariupol from a symbol of the destructive war into a symbol of the revival of Ukraine. The city, which was the showcase of the revived Donbass, will be the revilal showcase of peace. Mariupol will become a "showroom" on the world stage of how to revive the city after the war.

We are developing a strategy for the revival of Ukrainian Mariupol even to the de-occupation to start reconstruction and return of life to the city as soon as possible and better.

Мета проєкту