Directions of revival

1. Safety

  • demining of logistics routes, objects of critical infrastructure, administrative buildings, educational institutions, health care, social protection of the population;
  • reduced the level of pollutants in the environment by 35%;
  • 60% of residents consider Mariupol a physically safe city;
  • 100% of the population needs for the functioning of the rights protection system.

2. Humanitarian aid

  • 9 social protection institutions have been restored;
  • 2 mobile offices to work with citizens in remote areas;
  • multi-channel social protection hotline;
  • Up to 70 thousand people are provided with food and hygienic agents;
  • 4 "I am Mariupol" centers (providing humanitarian, lawyers, social psychological, medical care, playing children's rooms);
  • 4 household centers (laundry services, hairdresser, dentist, seamstresses, etc.);
  • social taxi;
  • 4 mobile brigades of psychological care.

3. Initial resumption of housing stock

  • 660 residential apartment buildings is restored;
  • The private sector is provided with building materials - 24 926 buildings;
  • the complex of services for the maintenance of an multi -apartment housing stock has been restored;
  • 1346 houses.

4. Utilities

  • centralized water supply and drainage have been restored;
  • Heat supply has been restored in 1346 apartment buildings;
  • the export of MSW in the city and the lack of natural landfills were restored;
  • The permanent work of 1 operating landfill has been restored.

5. Transport and road infrastructure

  • The restored public transport network provides the basic needs of residents;
  • the safe condition of the street-road network is reduced;
  • The streets of the city are equipped with road control;
  • The Mariupol Tram-Trolebus Management Municipal Enterprise and the MCC MARIUPOLAVTODOR work steadily.

6. Health care

  • The work of 5 points of Primary care, 5 hospitals, 1 maternity hospital, 1 dent center, 8 pharmacies is restored;
  • 100% of preferential categories are provided with medicines, medical products, medicinal nutrition, rehabilitation;
    Primary care centers and 6 hospitals.
  • The shelter is equipped in 5

7. Public services

  • open Administrative service center (1 location);
  • launch of a minimum of 360 administrative services;
  • Starting 2 Administrative service center mobile offices;
  • Access to work in 9 state registers has been restored;
  • 100% completed register of damaged property, inventory of land plots;
  • The Internet and mobile connection has been restored.

8. Economics

  • An international donor conference is held, UAH 500 million is maintained to the city assistance fund;
  • a roadmap of metallurgical and related enterprises is formed and implemented;
  • 2 IT-HABs and IT cluster is restored;
  • Returning to the city of relocated factories - 20%;
  • The amount of budget revenues (from the level of 2022) - 30%.

9. Education

  • work of 48 educational institutions for 17485 children;
  • 45 shelters are equipped;
  • 100% covered housing need (1515 teachers);
  • repair of 48 educational institutions;
  • 1200 hours of patriotic education.

10. The new positioning of Mariupol

  • creation of a new vision of the revived Mariupol;
  • involvement of people, investors and international donors in the city restoration process;
  • Returning and attracting new residents to Mariupol is a city of new prospects and a new quality of life.

11. Human capital

  • staff (primary need - 7500, target need - 13900 people);
  • providing employees for each component of the "individual package" was performed by 100%;
  • At least 10% of accounting numbers are carried out;
  • Checks 100% of the accounting composition for the exclusion of collaborators;
  • 100% of citizens' appeals are worked out.

12. Culture, Sport, Leisure

  • International and national donors are involved in the restoration;
    Submittals developed to restore infrastructure industries that have been significantly damaged or destroyed;
    Submittals has been developed for the construction of a new track and field arena;
    Cultural and sports institutions are 75% equipped with the necessary equipment.
  • ecosystem was created for social and psychological rehabilitation of residents;
  • safe opportunities for sports and art are created;
  • The infrastructure of priority cultural institutions, sports and leisure has been restored: 6 cultural institutions of 8 adaptive sports grounds and gyms at schools;

The main numbers of the plan:

units of equipment for recover
7 500
staff at the start
250 000
The estimated number of residents
13 900
цільова чисельність задіяного персоналу
billion UAH
The cost of recovery