26 February 2024

How to create conditions for young people to return to Ukraine was discussed in Poland

Support for Polish-Ukrainian relations, the development of Ukrainian culture in Poland and an important issue - the return of young people to Ukraine after the end of the war. Moreover, it is about Ukrainian youth and European. This was discussed in Warsaw during the "Ukrainian Day" Scientific Conference. Among the participants of the event are representatives of the Mariupol municipality and the restore team.

Before the full-scale invasion of russia, Mariupol was one of the most promising cities of Ukraine. City of dynamic development and showcase of Ukrainian Donbass. However, after a full-scale invasion, it became a symbol of the greatest tragedy of this war. The city's defense lasted 86 days. During this time, the russians killed tens of thousands of civilians. 350,000 residents were forced to leave the city due to total destruction and a humanitarian disaster. 90% of buildings and infrastructure have been damaged or completely destroyed. The deputy of Vadym Boychenko, the mayor of Mariupol, reminded the audience during the first panel "Return of Youth to Ukraine".

Український день Варшава

The plan of fast recovery, urban-road to the city, economic vision. We are convinced that right now for need to prepare such strategies. This does not just create the foundation for the rapid recovery of cities after de-occupation. It gives people hope and support. It reminds us of a great goal. Not just win. And to liberate our cities. To rebuild them. Make Ukraine a developed and successful state. To build Ukraine from which people dream of going, but to which Ukrainians return and seek to visit people from all over the world

Mariupol Deputy Mayor Denys Kochubey.

In his turn, the head of NGO "Mariupol.Reborn" shared a vision that the team is already working on - how to create conditions for returning young people in the de-occupated territories.

We cannot allowed to wait for the end of the war to start thinking about tomorrow. In particular, our attention should be focused on the young generation. The outflow of talented youth abroad is one of the critical problems we face. The only way to resist this threat is to invest in education, and creat jobs for our youth now. That is why an important part of Mariupol Reborn's project is the educational direction. It is the reconstruction and state of schools according to modern European principles. And this is Mariupol Anedemy - an international educational platform for acquiring knowledge and sharing experiences for all interested in the restoration of communities of Ukraine. According to SCM shareholder, the strategic partner of our platform Rinat Akhmetov - improving the quality of education should become a national idea

Director of NGO "Mariupol.Rebortn", head of the direction of community development "Metinvest Holding" Olexandr Vyshniakov.

Український день Варшава

One of the important points of the Mariupol Reborn revival strategy is to create the conditions for returning young people. And this is about creating workplaces with a decent wage, the construction of new residential quarters with a full-fledged infrastructure for a quality and comfortable life, about the return to the city of higher education and new modern format. Among the projects are the deranging and transformation of schools. It is not only about spatial vision, but also about new modern approaches to teaching material. At the center of the new Mariupol School is a child and its needs. Not only educators but also parents of Mariupol students are already involved in the creation of the concept of schooling the schools. The main thing is the opinion of people for whom these transformations occur.

It is important now to think, discuss and model the future of the state. It has a lot of indefinite, but it is important not to lose the nation on this path - Ukrainians need their country. Much depends on them. But no less - from solidarity and support from the entire democratic world.

The Mariupol Reborn project is implemented by the Mariupol City Council with the Investment Support of Rinat Akhmetov's SCM.

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