23 February 2024

"M86. Chronicle of Mariupol Defense", created with support of Mariupol Reborn, was presented in Kyiv

On February 21, 2024, a presentation of the M86 project was held at the Museum and Exhibition Center of History of Kyiv. "M86. The Chronicle of Mariupol Defense" - is a series of projections created to honour the heroic defense of Mariupol.

The chronicle first recorded the driving chronicle for Mariupol at the beginning of a full -scale invasion of defenders testimony: from February 24 to May 20, 2022, when the city's defenders were left from Azovstal by order of command. The chronicle of the city's heroic defense is collected from hundreds of personal testimony of military and law enforcement officers, materials from open sources, hundreds of unique photos and videos.


Mariupol defenders took part in the creation of the chronicle. The chief author was Mariupol journalist, who is well known by Mariupol's defenders. It works under the pseudo "Sector M".

In the spring of 2022 it became clear that the events that unfolded during the defense of Mariupol would be forever inscribed in the history of Ukraine. We all saw hundreds of photos and videos from Mariupol, but few knew the characters of these photos and videos. This feat has specific names. And we have to make sure that when mentioning Mariupol's defense, those heroes who have transformed those events into a legend are also mentioned by Mariupol's defense

Author of the Chronicle of Mariupol Defense, Sector M

At first chronicle was looked and shared by Denys "Redis" Prokopenko, Denys Shlega, Victor Sikoza, Valeriy Padytel, Igor Chertov.

Every big battle must be sang and etched in cultural artifacts. The book you read is one of the first and extremely successful attempts to portray this epic by documenting Mariupol's 86-day defense. Detailing those events is the first step towards a deep understanding and disclosure of the phenomenon of dedication and courage that made this battle possible

Denys "Redis" Prokopenko


It is important to make a holistic picture from a huge amount of Mariupol defense information. Only then it will be possible to grasp the feat of both experienced fighters and hundreds of recruits, who have heroically held positions in difficult conditions. Only the general picture of defense will understand the importance of certain actions of the city's defenders, which opposed the huge number of tanks, artillery and enemy aviation. It takes more than a year to make such a holistic picture: new military will come back from captivity, and new testimony will appear. But the beginning of this work is laid. For our part, we have made efforts to make events as complete and objective as possible. And for in the future the name of each of those who by their heroism allowed the country to withstand in the darkest times

Denis Shlega, at that time - Colonel, commander of the 12th Brigade of Operational Purpose of NSU. Went to Mariupol Defense Staff


Despite the fact that Mariupol is not a point of dislocation for most marine infantry units, this city has become native to us. For many years, we kept the eastern borders, returning again and again after the rotation. The Chronicle of Mariupol Defense "M86" tells the stories of Marines who have not been known to the general public before

Victor Sikoza, Hero of Ukraine, commander of the 36th Separate Marines Brigade

The State Border Guard Service of Ukraine remembers everyone who died, defending their home from the invaders. The border guards of the Donetsk detachment were the first to meet the enemy in Mariupol and side by side with other units of defense forces restrained the overwhelming forces of the invaders. Project «86 days of Mariupol. The Chronicle of Defense» day after day reproduces the feat of the living and fallen heroes of the famous "City of Steel". The civilized world is able to hear the voices of the legendary Azovstal and Illich plant. It is a respect for the fight for freedom and an invaluable contribution to the history of state formation for future generations

Valeriy Paditel, Colonel, Hero of Ukraine, Commander of the Donetsk frontier detachment

М86 Падитель

Due to the inability to fight on the water, marine border guards defended Mariupol as infantry, having gone from the fighting on the outskirts of the city to Azovstal. Every Mariupol Defense Hero is worth memory and honor, so we have done everything on us to help the "M86. Mariupol Defense Chronicle" to preserve this memory and tell the wider circle of people about marine border guards who kept defense side by side with other units

Igor Chertov, Deputy Chief of Staff, Head of the Department of Organization of the Staff of the 23rd Maritime Protection Squad, 2nd rank captain

Mariupol's defense chronicle can be considered one of the most interesting studies of  research of the first phase of a full-scale Russian invasion. It combines the chronicle of events and the testimony of many eyewitnesses that fill the historical presentation of expressiveness and imagery

Anton Drobovych, Director of the Ukrainian Institute of National Memory


Mariupol's defense became one of the most difficult events of the beginning of the great war. The city's defenders won the time for Ukraine and the world. A time that gave the opportunity to consolidate forces to fight. Protect Mykolaiv, Odesa, Kryvyi Rih, Zaporizhzhia, save hundreds of thousands of lives.

The creators of the project emphasize that the "Chronicle of Mariupol Defense" is an open project, co -author of which can be anyone who was a participant or witness of those events. You can leave your story on the web portal of the project.

Chronicle is the beginning of the memory saving path, not its finals. This is an open code. As Urban-Bureau, we have helped Mariupol develop for many years. Memory is an integral part of the city. We worked carefully on the chronicle, gathered hundreds of testimonies of soldiers, worked out thousands of photos and videos, satellite images and tens of thousands of files, verified them with commanders- and finally are ready to present the daily chronicle of Mariupol's defense

says Victoria Titova, СЕО Big City Lab

М86 Тітова

One of the most emotional moments of the presentation was a demonstration of a short film, a review of Mariupol's defense events. As a reminder that the path has not yet been completed. Many defenders of the city still remain captivity. Therefore, the authors are convinced that "M86" is not only a documented chronicle of events, but also a advocacy tool for the return of prisoners.

More than 2000 defenders remain in Russian captivity. It's time to fight for those who have chosen time for us. The chronicle is not only the fixation of events, but also a powerful advocacy tool for the return of prisoners, one of the tools of Ukraine's struggle for captives

Natalia Yemchenko, Member of the Supervisory Board of the NGO Mariupol Reborn, SCM Communication Director

М86 Ємченко

The M86 project was highly appreciated by the Ministry of culture and information policy of Ukraine. The Acting Minister Rostislav Karandeyev was one of those who opened the presentation:

A great state task is to preserve memory, to design and systematize it, to bring it to future generations in the form that will help us to fulfill and realize all tasks for the education of real Ukrainians. Education is not on tragedy and not on losses, but on loss heroism and on the achievements. And this is how the Mariupol's feat, the feat of the Azovstal, all those who have defended the city from the enemy for 86 days. Thank you to those who joined the organization of this project. This is undoubtedly a great state project

М86 Карандєєв

More than one hundred servicemen, law enforcement officers, representatives of city authorities and communal services, doctors, rescuers, Mariupols of different professions have made their contribution to the writing of the chronicle.

Our task is to keep the memory of the heroic defense of our city, which lasted 86 days. For almost three months in full blockade, the defenders held back the enemy, despite the prevailing enemy's forces. They not only were able to restrain Russian troops, but demonstrated the incredible power of spirit. They won the time to defense of other cities, gave us faith in victory and became an example of indomitable. This project brings to the world the voice of the heroic defenders of Mariupol

noted the mayor of Mariupol Vadym Boichenko

М86 Бойченко

An important element of the presentation of the project was the international exhibition of posters from Big City Lab, the National Museum of History of Ukraine and 4th Block. In the posters, the authors depicted Mariupol with a place of extraordinary force, because it is power and light that leads Ukraine to victory. Artists from Ukraine, the USA, Japan, China, Iran, Turkey, Mexico, Bulgaria, Poland, Spain, Norway took part.

The selected by jury works will be included in the catalog of the 12th International Trienna "4th Bloc" and the collections of the National Museum of History of Ukraine. Later, the exhibition will be presented in Kharkiv (Ukraine), Grazi (Austria), New York and Los Angeles (USA).


We called the authors through interaction and research, metaphors, real stories and, of course, art that always subtly feels any changes, depict Mariupol with a place

explains Nastya Ishchenko, curator of the exhibition

The exhibition will be available for viewing in Kiev by March 3. Anyone can see fundamental work at the Museum of History of the City of Kyiv. As for the chronicle itself, it is open to editing by May 20, 2024. Every week the authors of the project will update the daytime chronology of Mariupol's defense. After that, the final version of the chronicle will be published in the form of books.

The stream of presentation can be viewed here.


Mariupol's defense lasted 86 days, from February 24 to May 20, 2022. According to the General Staff statement, the feat of the city's defenders did not allow the Russians to transfer the grouping of up to 17 battalion tactical groups (about 20,000 people) in other areas. Thus, the garrison of Mariupol prevented the plan of rapid capture of Zaporizhzhia, to enter the administrative border of Donetsk and Zaporizhzhia regions and to create conditions for the JFO group.

Project 'M86. Mariupol Defense Chronicle" generated by Big City Lab and National Museum of History of Ukraine with the support of Mariupol Reborn.

Chronicle editor: Ivan Siak.

Academic editor: Ievgeniy Monastyrsky.

Chronicle Financial Partners: SCM.

The partner of working with the military: "Heart of the Azovstal".

Information Partner: Infosprotyv.

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