17 February 2024

On the Mariupol Reborn platform was presented "Spatial Planning Research in Ukraine: the country's profile 2023"

In Lviv, on the basis of the Mariupol platform, the Kharkiv School of Architecture held a presentation of the Study "Spatial Planning in Ukraine: The Country Profile 2023".

In 2023, a team of researchers adapted the international methodology of comparative analysis of the spatial planning of ESPON-COMPASS and developed a profile for Ukraine. This analysis will underpin the development of the City Planning Code, and will be a benchmark for international partners in local planning. The researchers not only systematized general information on the planning structure, but also worked out the use of the system at all levels and the content of planning tools, their effectiveness and properties. They also identified numerous ways of improving, in particular, in the fields of environmental planning, integration of soft planning tools and compliance with the capabilities of local self-government. The event took place within the framework of the Public Program of the KSA.

Community capacity is the main topic of discussing the spatial planning system. As many communities have lost the population and tax revenues in budgets, they may need a simpler and more adaptive decision to manage recovery. Therefore, this concerns the potential efficiency of a comprehensive plan that combines spatial planning using land at the local level. The main question is whether communities can effectively use this expensive and irreversible plan for strategic development in Ukrainian realities 

Researcher of city planning and government, Doctoral Student Aalto University in sphere of spatial planning Оlexandr Anisimov


The event was not only presented in the event, but also a space for discussion and exchange of views was organized. First of all, they talked about working with existing planning and town planning documents, their shortcomings and methods of implementation. The presentation was interesting for planners and architects, students of profile educational institutions and land managers, urbanists and researchers.

Mariupol Reborn is also about the space for development, expanding the capabilities of everyone who works on the future of Ukraine. It is important for us to prepare for reconstruction in advance and we are glad that we have partners and like -minded people in this desire. Those who are also planning today are what communities will become, how to organize the reconstruction of destroyed territories. It is extremely important that teams are working on spatial planning. It will accelerate the reconstruction when it becomes possible and will improve the quality of work

Director of NGO "Mariupol Reborn" Olexandr Vyshniakov.

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