14 June 2023

Mariupol's metallurgical enterprises are getting a new lease of life, using the opportunity to transform to environmentally friendly production!


Yuriy Ryzhenkov, CEO of Metinvest Group, said, "We are considering various options for what steel mills will become after Ukraine's victory. Before the war, Metinvest had embarked on the path of decarbonisation and this will be our priority as we rebuild. We will build an environmentally friendly, energy-efficient and cost-effective production facility. Mariupol's metallurgical enterprises are set to become a powerful high-tech industrial hub in Ukraine.

The most important thing is a convincing victory. Everyone has to bring it closer on their own front by their actions. Metallurgists, miners, coke and chemical engineers, repairmen: all Metinvest employees have chosen to become a strong pillar of Ukraine. We are moving towards victory together, in the workshops of enterprises, volunteer centres, as well as on the frontline. Metinvest has always been and will continue to be a reliable support for the state in the economic, defence and social sectors.


Large Ukrainian businesses are ready to take part in the revival of Mariupol, including the SCM Group, which owns Metinvest.

We believe in the inevitability of our country's victory. In the victory of our armed forces. We are absolutely confident that the flag of Ukraine will fly again over Mariupol and with it civilisation, freedom and the right to a better future will return to the city. We are honoured to be a part of this project and contribute to the city's transformation. And I am confident that it is time to start creating this plan, forming a circle of partners and support, and designing the future.

Natalia Yemchenko, SCM's Director of Public Relations and Communications

According to her, Mariupol residents should be involved in discussing the future of Mariupol. She also added that the company is ready to provide institutional support to create a revival case study that can be used by other cities.

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