14 June 2023

USA agency will help to revive Mariupol


During the presentation of the “Mariupol Reborn” Recovery plan, Mayor of Mariupol Vadym Boichenko signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with USAID “Economic Support to Ukraine” Project Manager Timothy Madigan. He will become a partner in the first stage, developing a vision for a revitalised Mariupol with the involvement of experts and the Mariupol community.

According to the head of the project, Timothy Madigan, the organisation will continue to support Mariupol and its residents:

We know that most people who have left Mariupol would like to return, and we are working with the Mariupol City Council on a conceptual vision of what the liberated city will look like after its reconstruction. We know that this day may not come tomorrow, but it is extremely important to start preparing for this process now. When time permits, we would like to have clear plans and the necessary resources to rebuild Mariupol.


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