25 April 2024

Brussels will join the implementation of the training of recovery managers

The Mariupol Municipality Team, during a visit to Belgium, met with the Brussels Mayor Philip Kloze.

Brussels is a political center of the European Union, there are meetings of the European Parliament, there is a NATO headquarters and more than 120 international government organizations. That is, the city itself helps to talk about international projects, plans and find new partners. It was during these negotiations that the city revival plan - Mariupol Reborn.

During the meeting, an agreement was reached that the Brussels Administration would join the implementation of the municipal managers training program within the Association of Ukrainian Cities. It is an opportunity to create a common tool for teaching reconstruction managers, a kind of scool of restoration Ukraine.

Ольга Пікула

During the meeting, we presented the projects of preparation for the de-occupation of our territories. We do not know when it happens, but we know for sure that we should be ready and develop all the necessary expertise and plans today. Therefore, together with international partners, we create a staff reserve for the country's restoration and reconstruction. Such a project as Mariupol Reborn can become a platform for recovery and other de -enclosed Ukrainian communities

reported Olga Pikula, MP of Mariupol City Council

The agreement was also reached that through the "IMariupol" Center in Dnipro, the Brussels Community implements the Mariupol's medicines program.

Recall that Mariupol Reborn's project is implemented by the Mariupol City Council with the investment support by Rinat Akhmetov's SCM.

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