24 May 2024

"Carefully fragile!" Mariupol's stained glass windows open to view in Rivne

On May 22, a solemn opening of the unique artistic project "Carefully fragile!" was held at the Rivne Regional Universal Scientific Library. It is a project on stained glass, fragile genre of monumental art. The idea of creating an exhibition belongs to the journalist and researcher Ivan Stanislavskyi, and was embodied by her team "City of Maria". The exhibition was first presented to the public on the Mariupol Reborn platform in Lviv, and later demonstrated in Kiev.

They opened an exposition in Rivne by coordinator of the project and member of the team of "City of Maria" Alevtynaa Shvetsova, Head of the Center for Support of Migrants "IMariupol. Rivne” Bogdan Duzhyk.

обережно крихке Рівне

Mariupol's people now are like these pieces of damaged stained glass, are broken by the enemy, but not destroyed. We continue to do our best to make the memory of his hometown to live and be remembered, and our countrymen believed in revival and returning home

Bogdan Duzhyk, head of the IMariupol Center (Rivne).

The exposition is abundant with fragments of true stained glass windows that symbolize not only the fragility of this type of art, but also human fates. The exhibition presents photos of six destroyed stained glass, printed on transparent acrylic, three minicopies of Mariupol panels, made in classic stained glass machine and fragments of real stained glass.

обережно крихке

The purpose of the exhibition is to enable as many people as possible to get acquainted with the unique stained glass art of Mariupol and to feel the beauty and grandeur of this once blooming city.

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