10 April 2024

An exhibition dedicated to Mariupol was opened in the Netherlands

In the city of Utrecht there was an exhibition "Labyrinths of unbreakable cities", dedicated to the blockade of Mariupol. It demonstrates the city destroyed by the russians in detail and at the same time reminds of how Mariupol looked like before full-scale invasion.

A separate interactive part of the exhibition is devoted to the visualization of the future Mariupol - as a reminder of the dream of liberation, rebuilding and peaceful life in Ukraine. Remind you that Mariupol City Council with the Investment support of Rinat Akhmetov's SCM is being developed a plan of revival of the city after de-occopation - Mariupol Reborn.

Also within the framework of the event there was a display of the documentary "20 days in Mariupol". The audience was able to see fixed footage of destruction of the city at the beginning of the Russian invasion. Many of them could not hold their tears.

Утрехт лабіринти

The event was organized by Vital'na Anne, which provides assistance to Ukrainian refugees. In Utrecht, the exposition has been demonstrated for the second time. Before that, it was part of the exhibition project "Remember together 2024".

In Ukraine, the exhibition "Labyrinths of unbreakable cities" was held in Lviv on the Mariupol Reborn platform.

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