09 April 2024

Mariupol-Gdansk: Stories Response

On the Mariupol Reborn platform, the emotional exhibition "Mariupol-Gdansk: twin cities, history history" is ongoing. Two stories are presented through different formats: photos, collages, sculpture, diary, movie... tell, explain, convey emotions and live trauma: children and adults, ordinary people and artists - they all speak to visitors of the exhibition in different ways, trying to heal and heal.

The exhibition arrived in Lviv from Vienna, and, which has become a tradition, for the first time in Ukraine is presented on the platform Mariupol Reborn. The organizers are Art Contact Ukraine (Vienna, Austria) and the City of Maria.


The exposition is made up of different works, selected and arranged so as not to just remind the war (because none of us did not forget about it), but to help the viewer understand and live their own complex feelings and emotions.

In particular, the exhibition presents watercolors of the famous Lviv icon painter Danylo Movchan, whose works are in the churches and private collections of Ukraine, Poland, Germany, Finland, Italy, France, Canada and the United States. Two years ago, from February 24, Danilo stopped writing icons:

The war moved everything upside down - I could not continue to do what I used to. I had to let her in myself to survive and express the surrounding reality on paper. Explosions throughout the country and murder of innocent people have born in me the need to respond to these horrors, in particular, with the help of artistic instruments

told the artist in an interview.


The collection also has a watercolor "Mariupol" - an image of a woman from whom blood flows to the ground. Also in the exposition is a short film about Mariupol with the historical image of Azovstal on the family diaries of Zoya Laktionova - an interesting documentary experiment-story about the history of one family in the global context of the war. And yet - the world -famous photo "Light Win" Dmitry Kozatsky, collages and history of the defenders of "Azovstal" from Anastasia Dmitruk's book "The eyes of Mariupol", collages with images of Mariupol and Gdansk, created specifically for this exhibition by a powerful creative tandem of the Ukrainian photographer and digital photographer and digital photographer and digital photographer and digital photographer and digital photographer and digital photographer and digital photographer and digital photographer and digital photographer. Gups and Polish photographer Karol Neraztovich.

The exhibition presents photos of 8-year-old Yegor Kravtsov's diary, which was hidden in the basement in the occupied Mariupol, prepared by the photographer Yevgeny Sosnovsky. War with the eyes of a child - simple words and drawings about complex and scary things of the adult world, about what should not see, feel and understand no child in the modern world.


In our space is also presented the NENKA magazine, Part of the sales of which is directed to the Donate for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The striking author's illustrations of Andrei Gupsa, articles on the history and culture of Ukrainian cities, important accents and immortal memes are not only interesting and talented, but also a creative and current product. Such content helps to restore internal resources and strength to further fight.

The exhibition will work until April 16, inclusive and closed with a curatorial excursion. If you have not been able to visit it, do it: to see what you could see on the Internet, and immersed in the atmosphere of the exhibition space - experience, worthy of time.

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