22 September 2023

"Mariupol Reborn" - a plan for the revival of the city after de-occupation was presented in the capital of Denmark

Когут Копенгаген

А discussion "Honesty in governing the city during the war: opinions of Ukrainian mayors with a special emphasis on the fight against corruption" was held in Copenhagen. The event was organized by the Anti-Corruption Initiative of the European Union (EUACI) together with the Ukrainian House. Representatives of the frontline and occupied cities of Ukraine talked with journalists and the Danish public. First Deputy Mayor of Mariupol, Mykhailo Kogut, spoke about the work of the municipality in the evacuation and the development of the Plan for the revival of the city after the de-occupation - Mariupol Reborn.

Mariupol suffered devastating destruction from the first days of the full-scale invasion. During the 86-day blockade of the city, 90% of important critical infrastructure and 90% of apartment buildings were damaged, of which 50% were completely destroyed. Therefore, the team of the municipality, led by Mayor Vadym Boychenko, is already developing a step-by-step plan for the revival of the Ukrainian city after deoccupation.

Mariupol Reborn is not about restoring the city to its pre-war state, it is about a new look at Mariupol. We have to rethink the design of the city and get rid of the Soviet past. For this, our team studies the successful experience of various countries of the world, involves leading architects and urban planners. We already have four visions of the spatial development of Mariupol, developed by the best architectural bureaus. The next step is their combination into a single master plan of the city and the development of a new economic model for Mariupol. Our main goal is to transform Mariupol from a symbol of the destructive war into a symbol of Ukraine's revival

noted Mykhailo Kogut

Копенгаген Маріуполь

The experience of Copenhagen, where the event took place, can be extremely useful for the development of a new economic model for the city. In general, such Polish cities as Warsaw, Gdansk, Lublin and Wroclaw have already joined the Mariupol Reborn project.

Mariupol Reborn consists of several important stages. The priority is the Fast Recovery Plan, which will be implemented immediately after de-occupation: solving the humanitarian crisis, stabilizing the situation and restoring critical infrastructure. After its implementation, the development of the city will begin with a new vision of the spatial and economic development of Mariupol developed in advance according to the master plan.

Mariupol Reborn is implemented by the Mariupol City Council with the investment support of SCM Rinat Akhmetov and international donors.

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