23 February 2024

On the Mariupol Reborn platform in Lviv presented the concept of reconstruction of Ukraine "Steel Dream"

The quarter of the future for Mariupols and residents of other communities affected by a full -scale invasion of Russia into Ukraine. As part of the development of the City Renaissance Plan, after the de -occupation of Mariupol Reborn, a presentation of the Metinvest Group "Steel Dream" was held. Everyone who wants to take part in the event was introduced to the best offers of modern residential quarters and social infrastructure made of steel. In particular, with the concept of residential quarter on the city of the quarter destroyed and demolished by the Russian army in the Left Bank district of Mariupol.

In the temporarily occupied and de-occupied territories, there are dozens of cities and towns that have undergone significant destruction. Each of them has a chance to revive so that tens of thousands of Ukrainians who were forced to leave their homes were to go. The issue of reconstruction of Ukrainian cities, providing conditions for returning people and further development of territories is relevant and crucial now. From the beginning of a full -scale invasion, 90% of homes were damaged in Mariupol only in Mariupol alone, 50% of multi-storey and 40% of private homes were completely destroyed. These are just a few figures that demonstrate the enormous scale of the city's destruction and future work on its reconstruction.

Сталева мрія Львів

That is why Metinvest-SMC experts have developed a steel dream project. It is a concept of reconstruction of a country containing a set of ready -made solutions for housing and social infrastructure, which can be adapted to the needs of each community. The company has projects of 13 types of steel buildings. Each of them is made in several variants, taking into account different conditions. It is a residential building, social infrastructure and infrastructure. In total, the concept provides more than 200 ready-made buildings on the basis of three-pre-made steel elements (Prefab-Wicks): frame, module and platform.

We decided that we, as a leading metallurgical company, have to provide Ukraine with a proposal from metallurgists under the universal concept of reconstruction. Back in April 2022, we started working on this project, and in the summer of 2023 we had a vision on the general concept and began work on this quarter. The key idea is to move away from the sleeping quarters, to make the city for 15 minutes, which will be comfortable for all segments of the population-from young people to the elderly. Focus on the sea so that the maximum number of apartments is overlooking the sea. And to have schools, kindergartens and entertainment complexes

Tatiana Skrypka, the head of the Metinvest-SMC Project Office

Сталева мрія Львів

On February 23, 2024, on the basis of the Lviv Mariupol Reborn Platform representatives of Mariupol and other communities were invited to find out more about the possibilities of future reconstruction of Ukrainian cities. During the Presentation of the Steel Dream, everyone was introduced to the variants of new residential quarters that can be adapted to the community. Everyone was able to share their thoughts.

Сталева мрія Львів

Before the start of a full -scale invasion of Mariupol already had the experience of steel construction. Unfortunately, the war prevented us from completing a multi -storey building for 120 apartments, where the steel frame was at the base. But already in the process of erection we were convinced of the benefits of this unique technology. Today we all understand that the issue of housing reconstruction after Mariupol's de -occupation will be the most pressing. Therefore, it is necessary to plan now. The residential quarters "Steel Dream" is one of the important Magnets that has been included in the plan for reconstruction of Mariupol Reborn. And we are very grateful to partners for the initiative and development of steel homes. It is a set of solutions that we can repay almost all the city - schools, kindergartens, houses and more. And now we were engaged in the support and desire of Metinvest to develop a project-estimated documentation so that after returning not to waste time, but to start building immediately

Mariupol Deputy Mayor Sergiy Zakharov

Decisions that are developed today for post -war Ukraine should provide comfortable conditions for living people, quality reconstruction and development of cities after a devastating war.

Сталева мрія Львів

Mariupol Reborn's project is implemented by the Mariupol City Council with the investment support by Rinat Akhmetov's SCM.

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