30 November 2023


Mariupol Reborn team's task is to have a step-by-step recovery plan for the time of the city's de-occupation, to train the required number of specialists and to prevent risks. Therefore, at the initiative of Mayor of Mariupol Vadym Boichenko, training is being organised in European cities that have already gone through the recovery process after World War II.

The Dutch city of Rotterdam has a successful case study. Right there, from 27 November to 1 December 2023, training on global practices in water management, water supply and sewerage is being held. The event is being attended by the First Deputy Mayor of Mariupol and heads of municipal enterprises.

Роттердам Маріуполь Реборн

When Mariupol is liberated from the enemy, we will not have time to work out all these issues. That is why we are preparing now. Our goal is not just to rebuild the city to the post-war period, but also to get rid of the soviet legacy and fix the shortcomings we had before the full-scale invasion. We need a qualitatively new approach to water supply and sewerage. We have started working on the implementation of a system for supplying clean drinking water to every household a long time ago. It's time to do everything possible to ensure that after de-occupation we have the expertise and financial resources to implement this plan. The experience of Rotterdam will help us a lot,

said Mykhailo Kohut, First Deputy Mayor of Mariupol

The destruction of the second largest city in the Netherlands after Amsterdam during the Second World War was enormous, but it was managed to turn it from an industrial city into a modern metropolis. The Dutch still celebrate the anniversary of the reconstruction of Rotterdam. The restoration of the local port was the beginning of the restoration of the entire country. Therefore, the experience of Rotterdam is so important for the post-war reconstruction of Mariupol. In their turn, the municipality's team will return home with new knowledge and challenges that they will implement in the liberated Ukrainian city on the Azov coast after de-occupation.

The Mariupol Reborn project is being implemented by the Mariupol City Council with the investment support of Rinat Akhmetov's SCM and international donors.

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