14 July 2023

Mariupol Reborn: Vadym Boichenko has presented a plan for the revival of Mariupol in France


This happened at the summit of the University of the City of the Future.  This is a movement that aims to create an unprecedented regime of cooperation between public, private and civil society actors for the benefit of the city. Combining such efforts and attracting new partners will help revive Mariupol after the liberation and implement innovative projects of the future. Vadym Boichenko, Mayor of Mariupol, is convinced of this.

The mayor presented a large-scale plan for the revival of the city called Mariupol Reborn. This is the restoration and revival of the war-torn city based on the principles of modern challenges. It is an opportunity to build a new city and implement best practices.  Mariupol can become an example of consolidation of the international community on the path of renewal and development of urban innovations.

The implementation of the Mariupol Reborn Plan is a challenge for the whole world. It is the restoration of Mariupol from the ruins, the construction of a city with a new space, economic development model and master plan. It can become a unique city - a showcase of innovative solutions and best practices. We can write such a story of Mariupol's revival and global consolidation together. I am grateful to those who will join us on the path of bringing life back to the Ukrainian city

Vadym Boichenko

The University of the Future aims to accelerate the transformation of areas that symbolize urban problems. Its goal is to create urban innovation laboratories. Among the cities they are helping to revive are Saint-Dizier and Val-de-Ray in France.



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