12 April 2024

Mariupol Reborn was presented on Recovery Construction Forum Ukraine

The Recovery Construction Forum Ukraine, a forum that brought together government representatives, construction community and representatives of international organizations to discuss challenges and coordinating actions to rebuild Ukraine, took place in Kiev. The participants of the event were specialists of state institutions and profile ministries, construction and engineering companies, architectural bureau and manufacturers of building materials, as well as representatives of communities whose cities are in temporary occupation or injured from military aggression of the russian federation.

The first deputy mayor of Mariupol Mykhailo Kohut shared experience in developing the priority actions necessary for the rapid restoration of the city after de-occupation. Currently, the Mariupol City Council, with the support of the state, international partners and large Ukrainian businesses, is working on the development of a large-scale and multi-stage city revival plan Mariupol Reborn.

Mariupol Reborn is a comprehensive plan for reconstruction of the city that we involve the best practices of other countries and the best expertise. Around the revival of Mariupol we bring together large donors, world and national partners, architects and construction companies. We have a plan, restore projects and a clear understanding of how to rebuild the city. The most important thing is that we discuss our plans with Mariupol peoples. The goal is to serve the city for people so that they return there. We see it a modern and comfortable city by the sea with the ocean of new opportunities, which is possible only under the flag of Ukraine

Mykhailo Kohut noted.


One of the directions of work is to create an algorithm for the rapid revival of the Fast Recovery Plan. These are measures that need to be taken immediately after the de -occupation to establish a humanitarian situation, restore critical infrastructure, run utility companies, stabilize the situation and create the foundation for future reconstruction of Mariupol.

Recall that Mariupol is the only city of Ukraine, which from the first days of a full-scale invasion was taken into the blockade and destroyed from all types of weapons. According to preliminary data, russian occupation troops damaged 90% of the critical infrastructure of the city, destroyed 50% of high-rise buildings and 40% of private homes. The Mariupol economy was completely destroyed. Therefore, for the future rapid reconstruction of the city, the expert team already develops a step-by-step plan for the revival of Mariupol, which includes not only rapid action, but also evaluation of losses, urban-carrier, creation of an economic model and workshop of the new city.


Mariupol is actively sharing its work on reconstruction with other affected communities. Their representatives have the opportunity to get acquainted with the concept and approaches used by the Mariupol City Council to adapt the best to create their own revival plans. Thus, this will help to quickly and qualitatively rebuild Ukraine after the war.

With the fact that it is necessary to develop plans for the revival now agrees the first deputy head of Borodyanka Dmytro Negresh:

Your management team works very powerfully. They correctly provide information to investors in various forms. We all now understand that the European Union has funds for the restoration of occupied communities. Given the quality management of the Mariupol team, they form this pool, which then when returning the community to Ukraine, will immediately activate this assistance. That is, you will already understand what you need to do, why pay attention to what to activate. It's very correct

Certificate. Mariupol Reborn's project is implemented by the Mariupol City Council with the investment support by Rinat Akhmetov's SCM.

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