15 September 2023

The Municipal Lecture on the basis of the Mariupol Reborn platform was launched in Lviv

платформа Маріуполь Реборн Львів

Leading experts discussed the spatial development of the city after de -occupation.

The topic of the first lecturer, which was launched on the basis of the Lviv platform Mariupol Reborn was: "Mistress Mariupol from the Cossack fortress by 2022." The historical and modern events that took place in the city, its geographical location and cultural heritage - all these factors are important in the creation of a new vision and the renewal of the Reborn Reborn Plan.

The lecturer was made by historian-local historian Isidor Badasen, architectural researcher Semen Shchin, co-owner of the Simpli Bureau (2021-2023) and city development expert Dmitry Sergienko, author of the Mariupol brand and Visia reconstruction Re: Mariupol. They noted that the establishment of historical justice, the preservation of architectural traditions, their combination with modern forms of architecture and the deployment of the city's face to the sea - can be a key to the successful reconstruction of New Mariupol.

Лекторій Маріуполь Реборн

Our team proposes to leave the historic city center of the city as preserved as possible, with all historical monuments of all degrees - from national to local. For us, the city's history and the beginning of the city history are a very important factor. Mariupol is the city of the Cossack fortress, which was in the heart of the city in the 16th century. This is the official foundation of the city related to the relocation of the Greeks from Crimea until 1778. Therefore, it is important for us to return the history of the city. Decolonize it because it is a city with Cossack roots. It is important to mark the Cossack fortress in the future revival of the city

Sergey Rodionov noted.
Платформа Львів

Mariupol Reborn is implemented by the Mariupol City Council with investment support of the Rinat Akhmetov`s SCM and international donors.

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