16 November 2023


Rebuild Ukraine Warsaw

Two days full of meetings, speeches and new acquaintances at the international conference ReBuild Ukraine powered by Energy in Warsaw. All this was aimed at attracting new partners to rebuild Mariupol after the de-occupation as part of the Mariupol Reborn project.

On 14-15 November, more than 500 representatives of the energy and construction industries, international investors and government officials shared their experience and discussed opportunities for reviving war-affected communities in Ukraine. The ReBuild Ukraine powered by Energy offline platform has stirred up the international community and drawn attention to the search for answers to rebuild Ukraine.

Шведська платформа Ребілд Юкрейн

Among the participants, the mayor of Mariupol, Vadym Boichenko, presented the unique Mariupol Reborn project to a wide audience. This is the Strategy for the Recovery of Ukrainian Mariupol, which is already being developed by the municipality's team together with partners to start rebuilding and returning life to the city immediately after de-occupation. To make this happen, the stages of Mariupol's revival are being planned in detail. They include the development of a new vision for the city, a plan for the rapid restoration of critical infrastructure and resolution of the humanitarian crisis, assessment of losses and damage according to international methods, and development of a strategy for the city's revival, taking into account the economic and financial models of Mariupol. This is a ready-made action plan for any city affected by the war.

Mariupol Reborn is not just a project to plan the phased reconstruction of our city after de-occupation. It is more than just about the recovery of Mariupol. It is a platform for the exchange of experience between Ukrainian and European communities. This is an algorithm of actions for all communities affected by the enemy's full-scale invasion of our land. In Mariupol Reborn projects, we look for the best solutions and engage leading experts. European cities' proven expertise in urban modelling, urbanism, architecture, utilities and economic planning is transferred to other hromadas

says the mayor of Mariupol, Vadym Boichenko.

The Mariupol Reborn project is being implemented in cooperation with international partners and financial institutions, and envisages a large-scale urban regeneration of the city over the next 10 years. The first part of it is the Fast Recovery Plan, which was presented during a conference in Warsaw.

Вишняков Ребілд Юкрейн  

Mariupol Reborn is based on three ideas: belief in the liberation of the city, planning of restoration now, accumulation and dissemination of knowledge of restoration with other cities of Ukraine. At the time of Mariupol's de -occupation, we should be ready to return to the city as possible to provide people with primary needs - warmth, water, light, medical services, humanitarian aid. The Mariupol City Council developed a step -by -step instruction for the first 18 months after de -occupation. The development of the Fast Recovery Plan was a priority for Mariupol Reborn's main donor, SCM Rinat Akhmetov. And we continue the system of working with a focus on sustainable growth on the philosophy "Build Back Better". We want to not only restore, but also create a better future for Mariupol.

Director of the NGO "Mariupol.Reborn", Head of community development at «Metinvest Holding» Oleksandr Vyshniakov

After the presentation of Mariupol Reborn, a great interest of the wide audience appeared in the project. The strategy for the revival of the strategically important city by the sea was created to start the recovery of Mariupol immediately after the liberation of the Ukrainian territory by the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Mayor Vadym Boichenko also met with representatives of Swedish business, as attracting new partners to support the reconstruction of Mariupol is currently one of the main tasks.

Бойченко Маріуполь

In addition, the Mariupol City Council, among others, received a special award for its active position in rebuilding and attracting investment in the community for the national development of Ukraine.

The Mariupol Reborn project is being implemented by the Mariupol City Council with the investment support of Rinat Akhmetov's SCM and international donors. 

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