11 May 2024

From the restoration of housing stock to quality education: Mariupol's residents in Rivne took part in the second wave of dialog meetings "I - Mariupol: I have to live"

Together with the team of the city council, Mariupols discussed one of the important stages of the large -scale plan for the revival of the city after the de -occupation of Mariupol Reborn "Fast Recovery Plan".

It is a quick action algorithm that needs to be performed immediately to stabilize the situation in the city, launch critical infrastructure and return life. For this purpose, experts of the Mariupol municipality developed 154 renewal projects in 12 main areas of life of the city.

я маріуполь Рівне

Mariupol's residents in Rivne joined the discussion of key projects "Fast Recovery Plan". They shared their thoughts what to consider and what actions to add.

In my opinion, now we, Mariupols, especially young people, need to be actively involved in the process of formation of city revival projects. Very grateful to Mariupol City Council, which listens to everyone's opinion, takes into account our comments and suggestions

comments participant in discussion Maksym

Personally, I would put education in the first place. Because this is a very important topic for me, and now, unfortunately, it is painful when I see how now in our native Mariupol is taught children, although it is impossible to say what they are taught, they are more injured. Therefore, it is necessary to attract our professional educators and create all the conditions for their lives and work in Mariupol after de-occupation

Ms. Galyna shares

It is important for us how the city restore, what resources need - not only material but also human resources. Mariupols need to understand what they count on in the future when the city will be released from occupation

Lev emphasizes

я маріуполь Рівне

The second wave of meetings will be held in all cities where there are yamariupol centers. They have already taken place in Kyiv and Lviv.

The Mariupol Reborn project is being implemented by Mariupol City Council with the investment support of Rinat Akhmetov's SCM.

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