18 May 2024

A support action for captive defenders of Mariupol and an exhibition of posters dedicated to the heroic defense of the city was held in Lviv

In the space of Mariupol Reborn was opened an exhibition of posters created within the scale of the M86. The opening of the exhibition was preceded by an action in support of prisoners of war Mariupol, organized by the families of defenders, and the walk from the city center to the Mariupol Reborn platform.

Mariupol's defense lasted 86 days. The Ukrainian military and law enforcement officers fought in a full environment until they were ordered to make weapons to save their lives. Many of the city's defenders are still in captivity. The stories of the defenders of the city of Mary are stories of courage, sustainability, sacrifice and loyalty to its country of such power that the world has not heard since the Second World War.

Free Mariupol Defenders

The stories to be told. And today they are told in the language of art. More than 80 posters out of more than 10 countries, most of whom have discovered Mariupol because of his tragedy, depicting people and events, forever etching them in memory. The power of images, inspired by superhuman courage, is striking. Just like a map that demonstrates the absorption of the city by the enemy and the stability of the resistance of Mariupol defenders.

The works of artists from Ukraine, USA, Japan, China, Iran, Turkey, Mexico, Bulgaria, Poland, Spain, Norway have already been presented at the Museum of History of Kiev. Now the city "City of Maria" presents an exposition in Lviv, on the platform Mariupol Reborn. Posters were created within the international competition, therefore, some of them, selected by the jury, will be included in the catalog of the 12th International Trienna "4th Block" and the collection of the National Museum of History of Ukraine. The exhibition is also planned to be presented in the Triennele in Kharkiv, Graz, New York and Los Angeles.


The exhibition is planned to be curatorial excursions where guests will be able to learn more about Mariupol's defense, heroism of city defenders and art works dedicated to these events.

Reporting excursions with an exhibition of posters:

19.05, 14:00-18:00

20.05, 10:00-18:00

Address: Lviv, vul. Ferenc Liszt, 6.

Additional information: 380982164761, Alevtyna Shvetsova.

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