12 June 2024

Ukraine Recovery Conference: Mariupol initiates training managers for recovery of de-occupied communities

Within the framework of the International Conference on Recovery of Ukraine, which took place in Berlin from May 11 to May 12, the team of Mariupol Reborn presented a project for training managers on the revival of de-occupied communities "School of Restoration of Ukraine". It was presented by the head of the section of the Association of Ukrainian Cities for Development of Developed and Temporarily Occupied Communities, Mayor Mariupol Vadym Boichenko.

The Mariupol City Council, headed by Vadim Boychenko, was one of the first in Ukraine to develop a plan of revival of the city after Mariupol Reborn's de-occupation. Thanks to effective communication with the community, they have already been able to form a rapid reconstruction plan for Mariupol, urban vision, and move on to the creation of a new economic model of the city after de-occupation.

Expertise and experience are shared by other communities, which are also preparing for the restoration of their cities and towns after the war.


It is already necessary to teach new format managers who will be able to solve the post-war reconstruction challenges qualitatively and effectively. Therefore, within the conference, Vadym Boichenko discussed the issue of cooperation and implementation of the educational project with representatives of the European Cities Association "Eurocities".

Having experience in developing projects for restoration and effective communication with the community, the idea of ​​creating a "School of Recovery of Ukraine" arose. It should be a practical tool for the preparation of managers for the restoration of deocal communities of Ukraine. The idea was already supported by the Association of Ukrainian Cities and hope for cooperation with the Eurocitation Academy, - said Vadym Boichenko. - You should not wait for the victory to start acting. We already need to develop projects to restore the country, because when time comes, we have to get to work. Events such as Ukraine Recovery Conference indicate that Ukraine is already an integral part of the European space and the issue of recovery is our common project. I believe that together we will build an updated Ukraine: a European state with a strong economy and sustainable institutions

The conference also presented projects for the preservation and support of the Mariupol community in evacuation. Among them are the IMariupol Support Centers, as well as the projects of construction and revitalization of social housing for Mariupol families of forced displaced persons.


International Conference on Restoration of Ukraine (URC2024) is an international playground designed to consolidate sustainable international support for the restoration, reform, reform and modernization of Ukraine. It is an emergency assistance in meeting urgent needs, the implementation of rapid recovery projects, creating attractive conditions for business and private investment, active involvement of civil society in the reconstruction processes.

European Cities Associations "Eurocities" is the largest network of European cities, which includes more than 200 large cities representing more than 150 million people in 38 countries, both within the European Union and beyond. Provides great network capabilities, including the training and implementation of projects.

The Mariupol Reborn project is implemented by Mariupol City Council with the investment support of Rinat Akhmetov's SCM.

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