16 May 2024

Finisage of the exhibition "Labyrinths of unbreakable cities" was held in Warsaw

On May 15, an event which internationally united people who care about Mariupol's fate took place in Warsaw. There was a meeting at the Ukrainian House, which became the finisage of the exhibition "Labyrinths of unbreakable cities". The project was designed to create space-reflection to rethink the traumatic experience of war.

Although the exhibition made it possible to see the horrific destruction of Mariupol architecture, the true tragedy of the city hides in the fates of its inhabitants and defenders. That is why the closure of the exhibition was a platform for an important conversation. It was joined by relatives of Ukrainian Marines, who have been captured by Russian invaders for over 2 years.

дружина Владислава Несіна

Galyna Striukova, wife of the Marines Vladyslav Striukov.

Євгенія Шиптарська, сестра оборонця Маріуполя Павла Літвіна

Eugeniya Shyptarska, the sister of the defender of Mariupol Pavlo Lytvyn.

Олеся Богданова, донька військовополоненого морського піхотинця Ігоря Богданова

Olesia Bogdanova, daughter of a prisoner of war, Igor Bogdanov.

Яна Несіна, наречена офіцера Вадима Мельниченка

Yana Nesina, the bride of the officer Vadym Melnychenko.

The participants mentioned the heroic defense of Mariupol. The defenders of the city courageously opposed the russian invaders, saving the lives of civilians.

This meeting was another reminder to the world that the war in Ukraine is ongoing, and thousands of Ukrainian heroes are still waiting for liberation. Today, in Ukraine and all over the world, people are massively entering the "FREE Mariupol Defenders" peaceful actions. Such measures are not only an important call for action, but also help to unite the families of prisoners of war, indifferent people, activists and volunteers, creating a strong community!

We will remind, the exhibition "Labyrinths of unbreakable cities" was first presented on the Mariupol Reborn platform in Lviv. One of the important parts of the exposition demonstrates the elements of visualization of the future Mariupol after the de-occupation, which are included in the Mariupol Reborn's project.

The Mariupol Reborn project is implemented by the Mariupol City Council with the investment support of the Rinat Akhmetov's SCM and international donors.

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