15 June 2024

Memory culture: how to express a loss

On June 13, on the Mariupol Reborn platform in Lviv as part of the poster exhibition "Mariupol: 86 days of power" there was a focus conversation on the topic "Memorial culture: how to express a loss".

It was not just another discussion. It was a necessary meeting to jointly comprehend the experience of the war, loss and heritage of Mariupol.

The event was about the memory, about the heroism of our defenders, the inhabitants of Mariupol. About the power and the belief that Mariupol is always Ukraine. Mariupol will be Ukraine

Iryna Novosiadlo, the organizer of the actions FREE Mariupol Defenders ,Coordinator of the Community of the families of prisoners of war of Mariupol garrison

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The date of the event was selected symbolically: June 13, 2014, 10 years ago, the Azov Regiment released Mariupol from the russian occupation. This day was landmark for the city and its residents, who annually celebrated its with concerts and sports competitions.

"Memory" today is the "nerve of time". And it was not easy to talk about this complex topic. However, participants managed to have a sincere conversation where everyone - artists, activists, Mariupol, families of defenders of the city - shared their internal values ​​and experiences.

The memory of Mariupol is our responsibility, the responsibility of our identity. And in particular, it is a subjective memory of living history, living witnesses that forms the concept of the future of Ukraine

Yaroslava Yakovleva, cultural heritage researcher, representative of the 4th Block Designers Association
We will remind, on the platform Mariupol Reborn continues an exhibition of posters created in the framework of the large-scale project "M86. The chronicle of Mariupol defense" and inspired by battle for the city. The works of artists from Ukraine, USA, Japan, China, Iran, Turkey, Mexico, Bulgaria, Poland, Spain, Norway have already been presented at the Museum of History of Kiev. Posters were created within the international competition, therefore, some of them, selected by the jury, will be included in the catalog of the 12th International Trienna "4th Bloc" and the collection of the National Museum of History of Ukraine. The exhibition is also planned to be presented in the Triennele in Kharkiv, Graz, New York and Los Angeles.

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