18 January 2024


On January 17, 2024, Mariupol.Academy - a platform that provides a unique opportunity for representatives of Ukrainian communities whose territories were affected by a full -scale invasion of the russian federation began.

The purpose is to expand knowledge and exchange experience in recovery issues. One of the important areas of activity is the School of Restoration of Cities. It has been created for representatives of temporarily occupied territories and already de -occupied communities, motivated executives and specialists who are tuned for the quality revival and development of the liberated territories.

We want to create an educational process where we will collect, inside the country and from the outside, the best examination that will meet specific issues. For example, what should be the energy in the cities we restore? What to do with water? And so on. All this knowledge, now does not exist in such a formulated form. That is, the city, if it wants to do everything right, he has nowhere to come and get a package of decisions. Actually, the Mariupol Reborn Academy about creating such an examination center

Natalia Yemchenko, a member of the Supervisory Board of NGO Mariupol Reborn, SCM Communications Director

The first training course in 2024 will last for three days in the online Lunch Talks format under the special program of teacher of Oxford University Vlad Mikhnenko. The filling and structure of the program will allow to form the necessary background, with which to start preparing for the reconstruction of municipal teams will be easier.

The course consists of three blocks:

  1. The foundations of the city: causes of birth and existence, drivers of growth and decline.
  2. Demonstration of results of decisions on the problem of population reduction in 7 cities of Europe for 2017-2020.
  3. A new method of urban alternatives to the future to determine the expediency and usefulness of any city project for subsequent generations with the horizon of analysis of 25 years.

The Mariupol City Council, headed by Mayor Vadym Boichenko, conducts a confident course of studying the experience of reconstruction of cities after the war, with the spread of this examination to all de -mentioned and temporarily occupied communities. Actually, this is how Mariupol Reborn's project appeared, on the basis of which the team launched a Mariupol.Academy training platform.

The reconstruction of Ukraine is one of the main challenges that communities will face after the war. This must be prepared. On Mariupol's educational platforms, Mariupol Reborn is ready to share their experience and expertise, to unite other communities and to study together. We have a common goal - the return of life to the affected cities, the fast and qualitative reconstruction. Under these tasks we form the reconstruction commands

Mayor of Mariupol Vadym Boichenko

One of Mariuupol.Academy tasks is a joint training of communities abroad. Thus, the pilot launch was already protested in November-December last year, when representatives of Odessa, Mykolaiv and Mariupol were held three-day training in Rotterdam, where they studied the features of urban communal infrastructure.

Recall that Mariupol Reborn's project is implemented by the Mariupol City Council with the Investment Support of Rinat Akhmetov's SCM and international donors.

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