20 April 2024

Unbreakable Mariupol: Warsaw opened an exhibition dedicated to history, the tragic present and the future revival of the hero city

On April 19, the Ukrainian House in Warsaw opened an exhibition "Labyrinths of unbreakable cities", which was first presented on the Mariupol Reborn platform in Lviv last year.

"Labyrinths" is a space-reflection for understanding the traumatic experience of war, its impact on Mariupol architectonics. Exhibition materials feature prominent buildings of the Ukrainian city in peacetime and in the period of destruction. A separate interactive part of the exhibition is devoted to the visualization of the future Mariupol from the leading urbanists and architects working on the large-scale plan of the city's revival after de-occupation - Mariupol Reborn. The idea and format of the exhibition were developed by the team "City of Maria".

Лабіринти незламних міст Варшава

Opening "Labyrinths" in Poland, the coordinator of the Mariupol Reborn Warsaw Platform Oleksandr Orlovskyi emphasized:

At present, our efforts are focused on the preparation of the Mariupol Reconstruction Strategy and the relevant Mariupol Reborn plan, initiated by the Mariupol City Council, with the support of large business and international partners. The Warsaw Platform is a platform for the exchange of ideas and experience in the reconstruction that we strive to take into the cities with the best urban solutions. In particular, in Poland, we actively cooperate with Warsaw, Gdansk, Wroclaw. Mariupol Reborn's project is created with the main focus on the safety, comfort and prospects of people who will return to the free Mariupol.

Лабіринти незламних міст Варшава

After the grand opening, an exhibition conducted a curatorial excursion. Visitors could get acquainted with the idea of the exposition and leave their own reflection on what they saw and felt, as well as wishes for Mariupol.

Лабіринти незламних міст Варшава

The exhibition "Labyrinths of unbreakable cities" will continue in the Ukrainian House until May 15.

The organizers emphasize that as many people as possible should see how an unfair war is destroying modern flowering Ukrainian cities, despite this unconquered-with the hope of revival under the blue and yellow flag.

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